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Location independent worker? Arrange a home exchange

Many people associate home swaps simply with free holiday accommodation. It's true that holiday accommodation is the most popular (and excellent!) reason for home swapping. However, more and more people are arranging home swaps as a way to work while they travel.

Digital nomads, writers, freelancers, home workers, etc will often be 'location independent' and have the freedom to work almost anywhere so long as they have a good internet connection. If you fit into this category, then home exchanging might be an ideal and exciting option allowing you to explore new locations while still having a proper base (your home swap partners home) where you can focus on your work.

If you live in the city, perhaps you might want to swap your city life for a few weeks or months in the countryside. Or you could arrange a home swap abroad and really get a feel for their culture and living like a local. With a home swap, you get to live in a neighborhood, learn about a place from a local’s perspective, explore out of the way places and connect with locals (including the people you swap with).

We want to hear: have you arranged a home exchange to combine work with seeing a different part of the world? We'd love to hear your stories - leave a comment or contact us at [email protected]

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