Benefits of a summer house swap staycation

Looking ahead to a post-lockdown getaway? Staycations (holidays within your own country) will again be a very popular option this summer as people hold off on overseas travel. We've started to see many of the UK's hotels, campsites and rentals booking up for the summer months and often at far higher prices than in previous years (cost of staycation accommodation up by an average of 35% compared to last year). The good news is that there are lots of very tempting home exchange holiday offers available for this summer through Home Base Holidays.

Shown below are some of the benefits of arranging a summer home exchange staycation.

Cost savings: free holiday accommodation

Start planning your summer home swap staycation
By choosing to arrange a home swap rather than booking a hotel or rental, you are enjoying free accommodation and can cut the cost of your getaways by over 90%. At a time when many of us are worried about finances, it's great to still enjoy a wonderful holiday but at a fraction of the cost.

No deposits or booking fees: home swaps are private agreements between the two members. Therefore, there are no deposits or booking fees to pay (this can be very welcome at a time where travel restrictions continue to change).  

Home from home: safety and convenience

Enjoy the space of a home from home
By arranging a home swap holiday, you enjoy your own home from home 'bubble'. This can be so reassuring as it helps to avoid more crowded locations that you would typically find if staying in a hotel or rental with a big turnaround of guests.

When swapping homes, you are staying in a real home and so have full use of the facilities that a home offers (kitchen, laundry, garden, kids’ toys, etc). This gives you options that you would never have when staying in a hotel e.g. if a family are not yet comfortable eating out in cafes, restaurants or hotel breakfast bars, they can choose to make some or all of their meals in their home swap home (this is also an excellent additional cost saving).

Cleaning guidelines: we’ve published Covid-19 cleaning guidelines for members to follow before and at the end of a home swap.


Home insurance: confirm cover before swapping

Home swaps are private agreements between the members. Here at Home Base Holidays we've been running our home swap service for over 35 years and in that time it's extremely rare to hear of any problems during a swap. However, it's still important to contact your home insurance company prior to a swap to confirm cover for the period your guest will be staying in your home (we can direct members to well-priced top-up insurance cover for home swapping, contact us for details).

Home Base Holidays: sign up for free and start swapping

Sign up to Home Base Holidays two-week free trial or select a full membership (6-month membership is just £29 and 1-year at £49).

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Home swap guarantee: if you don't arrange a swap we will renew your membership free of charge.

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