Q&A: How much does a home exchange holiday cost?


Q: I'm looking to arrange a home swap holiday later in the year. How much does it cost to join Home Base Holidays and are there any additional costs involved when a home swap has been agreed? i.e. any costs to yourselves or to the exchange home owners. Many thanks.

- Anne (Devon, England)

A: The cost of Home Base Holidays membership is just £29 for six months or £49 for a full one year membership. There are no additional fees when you agree a swap (or even more than one swap!) and so the only other costs will be the cost of your travel and whatever you choose to spend while on your holiday. Some members choose to use additional services such as hiring a cleaner or using a key exchange service, but these are optional and most members do not require these services.

So, by swapping homes you cut out the cost of accommodation (hotels, holiday rentals, B&Bs, etc) meaning that your holiday costs are often a fraction of that of a traditional holiday. You also have full use of a kitchen, ideal for preparing breakfasts or a packed lunch for a day out exploring.

" I arranged a home swap through the London based website, Home Base Holidays. I had such a wonderful time in London and saved even more money by preparing a few meals at 'home' (I liked shopping in the local markets and little independent stores). The cost savings meant I could afford to splurge on a few nice meals out, a Thames river boat tour and a West End theatre show..."   - Arthur

Note: it's important to contact your home insurance provider prior to agreeing a home swap to check your policy will cover the period that your non-paying guests will be staying in your home. Contact us if you have any problems agreeing cover.

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