Outstanding home exchange holiday in Scotland

Home swap holiday offer in Fife and Angus, Scotland
Stunning views of the River Tay from Peter & Angela's home in Scotland

We love hearing from Home Base Holidays members about their home swap holidays. Here we have a trip report from very experienced home swapper, Irene Bews, on her summer swap to Peter and Angela's stunning home overlooking the River Tay estuary in Fife and Angus, Scotland.

River view home swap holiday in Fife and Angus, Scotland

"I'm currently on my third home exchange through Home Base Holidays this summer! Each have been truly unique, staying in fabulous homes and locations ...this current one is absolutely exceptional.

This has been such a wonderful home exchange swapping to Peter and Angela's stunningly unique home overlooking the River Tay.

Their home has incredible gardens with the most beautiful views over the river. The weather was so good, which made it hard to leave their lovely extensive gardens.

We explored a lot of the local area by bike and chilled out with long swims in their private pool at the end of the day.

It's been an absolutely wonderful home exchange holiday. Thank you so much Peter and Angela!"

- Irene Bews

Highlights of the home swap holiday:

  1. Staying in a stunning unique house with incredible river views
  2. The hidden gem of a swimming pool in the garden
  3. Exploring the local area by bike

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Irene's rural home on the Orkney Islands

Stunning rural 3-bedroom family home on the idyllic Orkney Isles, north of Scotland.

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Peter and Angela's home in Fife and Angus

Beautiful 4-bedroom Victorian home with wonderful views overlooking the River Tay estuary.

View their home swap holiday offer

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