Swap homes and enjoy a budget friendly holiday

Looking for a budget friendly break? Try a home swap holiday

We're all starting to feel the pinch with the cost of food, taxes, mortgages and energy bills all going the wrong way. Many of us are having to look at cost saving ideas and ditch many of the non-essentials.

But what about holidays? Everyone needs a break and after the last few years, we're probably in need of a holiday more than ever. The good news is that by arranging a home swap holiday rather than booking a hotel or rental, you can enjoy a fabulous holiday but at a fraction of the cost. By swapping homes your accommodation is free - therefore, it's not uncommon for home swappers to cut the cost of their getaways by over 90%.

Swap homes: arrange free holiday accommodation
Home swap holidays in 2022
Cut the cost of your holiday by swapping homes
What is a home swap holiday?
Home swapping is where you agree with someone living in a destination you'd like to visit to exchange homes for the duration of your holidays. You can arrange an exchange for anything from a weekend getaway, a 2-week holiday or even a 6+ month longer term swap.
Additional cost savings (cars, bikes, meals...)
Forget cramped hotel rooms - nothing beats the space and comforts of staying in a real home. You'll have the space and convenience of a 'home from home' - you'll have full use of a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. Preparing your own breakfasts or a packed lunch for a day out exploring is an excellent way to make additional savings. 
Cars and bikes: Many home swappers are also happy to exchange cars / offer use of their bikes during a swap, giving you more flexibility and even more cost savings.

"I used the Home Base Holidays website to arrange a home swap holiday in London. I had a wonderful time and saved a lot of money by cooking a few meals at 'home' (I liked shopping at the local food markets and little shops) - this meant I could afford to splurge once in a while on excellent meals out.

- Arthur

How to arrange a home swap holiday? 
First sign up to a home swap club such as the London based, Home Base Holidays. On signing up, you will go through quick steps to add your offer (details about your home and where/when you want to go on holiday). You can then browse offers and start contacting members to plan your home swap holiday.  
Home Base Holidays has a step-by-step guide to help arrange your home swap holiday. You'll also find lots of home exchange travel tips and advice here on the blog.
We love to hear from people interested in home swapping - please contact us with any questions.

Home swap holiday offers for 2022 / 2023:

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Paris, France Insch, Scotland Lake District, England Symi Island, Greece

Looking for a autumn / winter break? Browse home swap holiday offers

Home Base Holidays: join for free and start home swapping

Sign up to Home Base Holidays two-week free trial or select a full membership (6-month membership is just £29 and 1-year at £49).

Home swap guarantee: second year free if you do not arrange a swap during your membership.

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