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July 11, 2016


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Lois, Home Base Holidays

Many thanks for your useful comments Lauren. Being based in London, we find that many members in the UK arrange Christmas swaps with Australian and New Zealand members especially, very often as a way of being close to family members living abroad for the holiday period. Living in Sydney (a very popular exchange destination), Joy should have an excellent chance of arranging a suitable swap in England over Christmas and it's good that she's allowed plenty of time to find the perfect match.

Lauren Kahn

This is a tough one as 90% of exchanges occur during the Northern Hemisphere summer.

I have been exchanging since 1990 and did do one series of exchanges that included Christmas in Sydney. I had 3 home exchanges in the Blue Mountains, Canberra and Sydney. Some home hospitality in Tasmania was worked in and the trip was about 2 months. The trip was 2 years in the planning. Some of the Australians had multiple exchanges as well. No one was traveling with kids so we could all be flexible as everyone tried to accommodate everyone else. It was a lot of work to put the trip together.

Home exchange arrangements often have long lead times but there is no shortcut method to get a home exchange. I live in the Washington DC suburbs and, despite living in an attractive location, not everyone is interested in my location.

Good luck and happy exchanging.

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