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January 19, 2015


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We will be doing our 15th exchange this summer. We have only had frustrations with two of those exchanges. During one exchange, our guests too literally treated things as their own. They used not only the food we had left for them and the staples that we told them they could use, but they also used weeks worth of frozen meats and casseroles from the freezer in the basement. This would have been less annoying had they left anything for us. But when we arrived at their home late on Sunday afternoon in rural France the cupboards were bare ( no bread, milk, ......not even a crust of bread......and no stores were open. As I said, frustrating .....but still we enjoyed the exchange ..... Three weeks in a lovely area of France for the cost of a couple of roasts and casseroles is still clearly a bargain.

The other less than satisfactory exchange was in England. The house had not been cleaned for our arrival. I spent several hours after arriving vacuuming, cleaning tubs and toilets, etc. However, again once the cleaning was completed we had a great time in their home. I understand that people have different standards of housekeeping, but please do at least the basics for your guests - clean floors and bathrooms and dust. I was a bit worried about the state my home would be in on our return, but it was as clean and tidy as I had left it.

Still two issues over fifteen exchanges is a very good average.


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