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April 10, 2014


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Lois, Home Base Holidays

Hi Kate

Thanks so much for your comments - I like your idea of leaving instructions for exchange guests to change bedding if time (everyone wants to return to a nice, clean welcoming bed!) but also acknowledging that this may not always be possible (I hope your exchange partners let you know ahead what to expect on your return).


Oops. This made me chuckle, we wouldn't win any awards for our housekeeping but on our last swap to Lisbon we had the time to wash all the sheets and hang them out on the pulley system that all the apartments used. Personally I really like to get back to clean sheets on the beds but after a few minor disappointments in this area I now leave a section on leaving in our manual asking for a bed change if possible but understand ing if the beds are just stripped due to time pressure. This works far better than me just hoping to get back to clean sheets on the beds after a late flight as most people do follow our request!

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