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November 21, 2009


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Lois, Home Base Holidays

Hi Joe

Thanks for your very useful feedback.

'The Holiday' home exchange was pure fantasy in more ways than one - if you look into it, I think you'll find the quaint English cottage interior was actually a set - and the snow outside, definitely fake! But you can certainly find all sorts of 'real' quaint cottages in the English countryside on Home Base Holidays. Do have a look - or I'll point you in the direction of counties to search under (our English listings are sub divided by county to make it easier to find listings within an area of interest).



Joe Murray

Hi Lois

As you’re aware, I’ve made probably over fifty home exchanges in the last forty some years (I lost count ages ago). Of all those, I’ve only had two bad experiences and both those were with novice exchangers who did not belong to a home exchange agency. One contacted me through a neighbor, the other through a blog posting I made regarding home swapping. Since these experiences (strangely they occurred within a year of each other) I have never traded with anyone who doesn’t belong to at least one legitimate home exchange agency (as you know I prefer CHECtravel clubs and belong to several).

As to The Holiday, as a seasoned home exchanger I can testify that the movie is pure fantasy! God help all exchangers if we had our properties and email addresses listed on Google as portrayed in the story line! However pleasant the film was to view, it really did present a distorted picture of the process of home exchanging. However, I am still looking for the cottage in the English countryside portrayed there. You think I could find it on Home Base Holidays?


Lois, Home Base Holidays

Thanks, Frank, for your very useful feedback - much appreciated. You have shown clearly that, although the cost savings were certainly a great benefit, the money saving aspect was definitely not the only reason you and your family arranged a home swap in France.

Good luck in your quest for an exchange to Ireland next summer. By coincidence, I took part in a live interview about home exchange yesterday on a Dublin radio station. Mary, one of the station's staff members, a Home Base Holidays member who has arranged her family's first exchange to Nashville next year, also took part. We're expecting an increase in Irish members after Mary's very positive report on the experience of arranging her exchange and getting to know her exchange guests from Nashville!


Frank Cohen

We've done one exchange with a family in Epernais, France (2 hours from Paris.) We live in Campbell, California (part of the Bay Area.)

The whole trip for us to France cost $4,500 for 4 people for 3 weeks, including airfare. There is much to be said about saving money with exchanges.

Apart from the cost savings, the exchange gave us a different view of the French. We needed to go to market, we needed to meet the locals, we needed to experience their corner of the world. And it was great.

I can still remember the laughs from my wife and teenage children when the local swimming pool required that I use one of their "speedo" swin suits because my swim shorts were not allowed. (And I do have a great butt! :-D )

The exchange was great. We used Homelink. We're trying to do an exchange with a family from Ireland for Summer 2010.


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