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November 04, 2009


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Lois, Home Base Holidays

Hi KevDC

Thanks for your comment. It's such an important issue that it needs to be repeated again and again!

You can v. quickly see if a home exchange site includes the important join and expiry dates in listings by checking one or two full listings. If you can't find these two dates, then you really have no idea how long listings are in circulation.

Home Base Holidays (and the three agencies we share a common database with - Guardian home exchange, Green Theme and The Invented City) include Registration (date of joining or renewing) and the expiry date (when the listing will be hidden if not renewed) in all listings.


Sorry to be commenting on an old post but I thought I'd point out that--while this information is very helpful (thank you)--it would be vastly more useful to know which sites do the above better and which do not.

You've done that elsewhere on your blog. I'm a first time visitor so I'll search around.

Lois, Home Base Holidays

Thanks Freda for your feedback. I'm so sorry to hear of your bad experiences. Although, even on the best home exchange sites (paid, upfront about how long listings are circulated), there will always be a few members who don't respond to all exchange offers, paying a modest membership fee really does help sort out the people are genuinely interested in arranging exchanges from the time wasters who will join anything if it's free! - Lois


Thank you for clarifying confusing dates. I joined a free house swap site and most of the members didn't reply so I suspect many listings were either really old or the members had joined on a whim. All the crap about being the biggest or the best means nothing if it's so frustrating actually finding someone to swap with.

Lois, Home Base Holidays

Thank you for your comment. Now that you know home exchange is a great budget alternative to hotels (no costs at all!), I hope you will tell your readers about it (I would be pleased to write a guest blog post if you are interested) and include a link to our blog/website.

Bargain Travel Blogger

I have never given much thought to doing the home exchange program. I've always enjoyed travel and have focused on finding hotel travel deals (there are so many out there) but have neglected to look at this. Thanks!

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