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July 17, 2009


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Guilherme Mendes Thomaz

Great post! Very informative and important. Great job! The content about the swapping homes is very interesting and not commun here in Brazil.

Sharon Smith

We are kind of scared with this new disease, we must take care a lot and take a lot of vitamin C. In the schools there must be more attention to sick kids.


As you say, there should be fewer cases of swine flu during the school holidays so cross fingers your son will stay well and you will be able to go ahead with your exchange.

I'm sure you will have travel insurance and so, should the worst happen, at least you shouldn't be out of pocket for the cost of flights. We'll have to keep an eye on travel insurance though as there was an item on the BBC1 morning programme today about pandemic diseases being excluded from claims but that, so far, insurance companies have been honouring claims when one member of a family has swine flu and a trip has to be cancelled.


We're getting a little concerned. Two of my son's (relatively) close friends have been diagnosed this week. Our exchange partners are not at risk as we are swapping our second home but I would be very upset to miss the swap we have had planned for nearly two years..especially as it is meet up with friends flying in from the opposite direction. We travel a week on Tuesday so just keeping our fingers crossed. At least school is now closed for the summer so if my son doesn't have it already the chances he will get it must be reduced.

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