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May 13, 2009


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Home Base Holidays

To Universal Studios Fan - I hope you will find this blog a 'respectable' place to find out more about home exchange! And please check out the many attractive exchange offers at Home Base Holidays (link in my name below).

To hobiej - Thanks as always for your v. useful feedback - I totally agree about the photos. As long as you explain that a view or attraction can't actually be seen from your home (and give the distance) it's definitely better to include a mix of home and local area photos rather than four views of your lounge! This is actually one of the reasons Home Base Holidays limits photos to eight - this concentrates members' minds so that the majority do choose a good selection of photos to represent their offer. Like many of your comments, this one really warrants a blog post on its own!



Gosh, lots to talk about here. I'm very sorry the home exchanger had a bad experience. I hope that she referred the other swappers to the club as a complaint and would be interested to know how the club owners responded. I would recommend very thorough research of homes and locations (and people) through google, google earth, multi map etc and correspondence with the other parties (get addresses before committing).

The main thing I wanted to say though is that looking through listings that are page after page of the front of suburban homes however accurate bores the pants off me. Don't mislead but if you explain that your front of page photo is the beach/castle/medieval town centre a couple of kilometres away I think it's fine. If you have a particularly pretty house then by all means use a front of house shot, otherwise please think twice. From my point of view context is what I need- if you live somewhere unpronounceable that no-one more than twenty miles away, let alone 4,000 miles away has heard of I think you need to show imagination in your listing photos.

Please think twice as well before putting in photos of your lounge from 4 different angles- I'm sure it's nice but one shot is enough. Use the other three for the local park, steam train, countryside. Your number of offers will probably triple as people realise what they can do near to your house.

I'd better say at this point that I use a main photo of the view of my town (Dartmouth) taken from a viewpoint a couple of minutes walk away. I explain that in our listing.

Universal Studios Fan

I'm planning a nice vacation - other than a theme park - make the wife happy. Your home exchange - is there a respectable place to check ?

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