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September 26, 2008


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Thanks for your comment, hobiej. From feedback from K., it sounds like the couple who left early really didn't understand the home exchange system that relies on trust and respect for others. It wasn't clear if they were first time exchangers or not.

I can see that exchangers might leave a home early (but two seems too much of a coincidence) if they decided they wanted to spend time in another location (in this case, less rural). But, it would only seem natural to inform their exchange partners right away of their change of plans and to reassure them that they really appreciated the trouble gone to to accommodate their needs, that the decision to leave early was no reflection on them and that they were looking forward to having them come to their home for the dates agreed for their side of the non-simultaneous exchange. In K's case, she hadn't had any contact from the couple at this early stage at least so her disappointment was understandable.

If these exchangers (both sides) had been Home Base Holidays members, I would have followed up with both parties. K. has informed her home exchange agency and, hopefully, this will be investigated and, if necessary, the couple she arranged the exchange with, banned from future membership.



I'd love to hear from the swappers who left early and understand what didn't work for them! Were they first time exchnagers?

We haven't done any non-simultaneous swaps yet- there not ideal for us as we only have one house! However I would suggest that new swappers should consider waiting to do non- simultaneous swaps until they have got the hang of exchanging (I know that K is an experienced swapper). Knowing that people are in your home at the same time that you are in theirs does make it easier to "get" the system.

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