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September 16, 2008


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Fleas are only a problem with outdoor cats. We love our cats too much to let them go outside and get killed by cars or other animals. Before assuming that cats have fleas, find out if they are allowed outside. City cats probably won't be and thus there will be no problems with fleas in urban swap homes.


This is such a real problem for us in Southern California. I treated our cats several weeks in advance of the exchange and it was still an issue. I was mortified that I had to tell our exchange family that there would possibly be fleas. I flea comb our cats daily and it was a bit much to ask our exchangers to do such a crude chore--but I told them if the fleas were a problem they might have to do it. Our home is very clean other than this. We even had a professional cleaner come just to make sure it was spotless. Our family seemed OK with it, but kept the cats out of the bedrooms. I got no reports of any bites. This is a difficult topic for non-cat owners to understand--our house is clean--REALLY!

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