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September 23, 2008


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Thanks so much for your v. useful comment, hobiej - always great to get feedback from experienced exchangers.

The next installment in this exchange story will be published tomorrow (26 Sept). Sadly, this was not the final installment in this story and the couple who stayed in K's home didn't make any effort to leave her home as they had found it - after all the extra trouble K had gone to to accommodate their needs! Fortunately this is a very rare occurence (the vast majority of home swappers are responsible people) but K, being an experienced exchanger, although disappointed and not inclined to take up her part of the non-simultaneous exchange agreed, was very philosophical about it, putting it down to experience.



Interesting post. I suspect that the problem was not so much which country the swappers came from but their lack of experience of travelling or home exchanging. This may have lead to an expectation gap between their rosie eyed view and reality ie they forgot that rustic and rural can mean smelly and spiders.

It sounds like the home owner made good effort to make the swappers seem at home. It would be interesting to hear more about her side of the swap and whether the other family are good hosts.

We found that our first time Spanish exchangers needed a lot of effort on our part with reassurances and information. They also weren't aware that we have different plugs (we keep a set of universal plugs for swappers to use fortunately) and some of the other practicalities of English life. However they were a delightful family and were keen to understand everything.

I wonder whether K's exchange partners will swap again or whether its five star hotels in Paris all the way for them now!! I'd love to know the next instalment....did K find life in the US house lived up to expectations, did the US family follow up on the swap?

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