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July 11, 2008


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what a great blog and what a great idea! you should definitely enter your home into the UKTV 'love the place you're in' contest, with stories about your travels you probably have a great shot at a win! --- http://uktv.co.uk/style/item/aid/604257

follow that link for the details! cheers for the information btw!


Thanks for the feedback. So many rating systems can easily be abused (like hotel ratings - can see how it can be tempting for some unscrupulous hoteliers to rate their own establishments highly whilst giving v. poor ratings to competitors!), and it's reassuring that all ratings left on Know Your Trade are carefully checked both by member name and listing ref. number to ensure ratings are by genuine members of the clubs rated before publishing.


You are indeed right. When a person posts a review of a home exchange club on Know Your Trade, we do check and make sure that the person belongs to that club. Most of the time we just look at the listing number that the rater has given us to make sure that s/he is a member of that club. If the rater does not put his membership number or name, we send the rater a mail to ask them for that information and do not post it till we get it.
Over the course of the past year and a half, we have had only a handful that have not been legitimate. As we all know, most exchangers are trustworthy!


Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Exchange Queen, and for all your efforts in providing information on home exchange and in setting high standards in the unregulated home exchange industry.

With such a proliferation of home exchange sites (many of which never develop beyond the free listing stage, leaving many members vulnerable to disappointment when the owners lose interest or run out of money for advertising), it is now more important than ever that those new to the idea (like Barbara in the comment above whose initial concerns are typical) feel they can turn to a source of detailed, unbiased information before taking the plunge and joining the growing numbers who take part in home swaps every year.

Keep up the good work at Know Your Trade and CHECtravel! It would be really useful if you left a comment on my earlier post about member ratings of clubs on Know Your Trade (link in post above) on how you verify that ratings are genuine before publishing.


The Exchange Queen

I agree with you that you have a great bunch of members! As you noted, every one of the more than thirty reviews on Know Your Trade has given Home Base Holidays a 3 house rating. Also, Home Base Holidays has almost double the amount of ratings of any other club.
As you know, Home Base Holidays is a founding member of CHECtravel which sets stringent standards for home exchange agencies. It seems evident that the great bunch of members knows that they are part of a great organization, led by a leader in the field.
Keep up the good work!


I love this idea and even wrote about it myself, but I'm still skeptical about having strangers stay in my home. How do know that the people coming to stay in your house are legit and not going to destroy your home or steal from you?


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