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April 28, 2008


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Hi 'Really Traveling'

Thanks for your comment. It does seem really confusing to have terms like 'home exchange' used for such different types of swaps. We get the odd call from people wanting to permanently exchange their council flats and sometimes it takes a little time to realise that this is the case. When I take such a call, I try to point them in the right direction but, not having any personal knowledge of the many sites providing this service, I wouldn't want to recommend a particular one, except to steer them away from free services as these are more apt to have a lot of time wasters listed.

Really Traveling

I too found that I had to fight my way through council house exchanges in the search results to get to holiday exchanges...
You are providing some excellent information here, I will certainly be back for more...


Shaws holidays - I have published your comment with the link to your site intact to give your holiday rentals site a little publicity (hope you will do the same for our home exchange service!) but definitely have to disagree with your suggestion that home exchangers in some way 'expose their homes to risk'. In fact, insurance companies generally are happier knowing that a home is occupied by exchange guests as a lived in home is much less at risk of break-ins than a home left empty for possibly weeks while the owners are on holiday!

Shaws holidays

A holiday from home is also possible without having to expose your own home! family cottages and caravans for rent in the north of Wales on my website.

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