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January 11, 2008


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Just a note to thank you for the scam/spam alert in the most recent issue of your newsletter. I had just received the email with this most peculiar offer, but was really thinking of investigating it furhter. Thank goodness I read what you had written first.

Keep up the good work,

Bonnie Young,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Someone left the information below anonymously as a comment on this blog's entry on BlogCatalog. As BlogCatalog was an inappropriate place to post such information, but it does seem useful, I will post it here. It does seem ironic though that someone reporting the scam home exchange site, allhomeexchange.com, should themselves choose to remain anonymous! I would have welcomed your comment left directly here and published it.

I'm not sure if the evil person behind allhomeexchange.com is a 'cook', but he's definitely a 'crook'! However, thanks to the combined efforts of several legitimate home exchange services (i.e. those that would never use another agency's members' private contact information to send spam), the majority of copied listings have now been removed from the site. So, from claiming to have over 21,000 members when sending out the unsolicited 'free' membership offer to other clubs' members, at last count, they barely had 2000 - perhaps some people did fall for this scam and agreed to having their exchange offers published even though the majority of 'members' they might contact won't have given persmission for inclusion of their listing on this site. Hopefully, any remaining unauthorised listings will be deleted asap. Anyway, here's the information from our anonymous 'Friend':

Be aware of the practices of a crook from Shanghai China who has been data mining all major home exchange related websites, collected member data without permission of the owners of the data and put all of this on his own website, allhomeexchange.com. Over 22,000 listings have been posted on this cook website without consent of all these people. My advise: do NOT and NEVER list your home on this cook website, who knows what he will do with your data.

You may contact the website owner on the following telephone numbers:
- Mobile number: +86 - 21 6340 4191
- Telephone number: +86 - 2162718516
- Fax: +86 - 2163404909

Or contact one of the following Shanghai Police contact means:
- Shanghai National Security Division: 86-21-64711109, 64742008
- Shanghai Police Department: 86-21-63294000
- Shanghai Police Department website: http://gaj.sh.gov.cn/shpolice/

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