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January 18, 2008


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Hi Edel,

I think you misunderstand- I wouldn't want a perfect rental home- that is the main issue. I want something lived in and loved. I had a look at your offer-it is a beautiful house with a stunning swimming pool but it wouldn’t be the right one for us- there is no sign of any clutter!

I prefer the atmosphere of a homeswap- getting to know the neighbours who have already been prepared for our arrival, investigating the music collections left by our swappers, knowing that they will understand the odd scuff mark on our walls and the stiff door handle, planting up the tubs and containers to be in flower just when they get here, leaving fresh local food for them to eat, trying their homemade jam, linking them up with our organic vegetable box scheme, recommending the best places to try picnics and the sort of places you won't find any holiday makers, arriving at the location and finding little presents left ready for our kids, all that sort of thing.

I really think you should try offering your Dublin home-you may be surprised by the level of interest in rainy Ireland in the summer. We live in the rainy South West of England and during January we received 35 offers through the 2 swap clubs that we are members of. Many of them were in the sort of locations you seem to want to visit and for the dates you want, and I think that they were all offering simultaneous swaps. Lots of people in Southern Europe want to come to a cooler climate for the summer- test it and see.

We wish you the best of luck for your holiday plans- I’m sure that something will work out whatever you do. Lois is welcome to put us in touch if you want to have a look at our listing and see how modest our home is.


Edel Williams

Okay, I've just read the blog about the article above, which I wrote, and while I take on board what hobieJ feels about second homes, I think to dismiss immediately and completely second homes is jumping to conclusions about second homes and 'tarring us all with the same brush'. Second homes are by and large rented out, are they not? The rental market especially in America is so regulated, so demanding of high standards that if you had a 'second rate' home, you will get no renters!!! And is this the impression I get from HobieJ, - that second homes are second rate!! They don't have the lived in feel with facilities that this exchanger would like? This is exactly my point in this article - assumptions are made about second homes and they are dismissed without the exchanger prepared to give it a look and view the information. Thank you HobieJ, you just proved my point......


Good point! Being able to offer a non-simultaneous exchange (as Edel's family can so that their exchange partners can choose a better time than mid summer to be in Florida) does depend on these exchangers also being able to make their home (if not also a second home) available during the weeks in July/Aug that Edel's family is tied to because of her husband's job.

Some members (who have that option) prefer to exchange a second home but, you are right, mid summer would be an ideal time to visit Ireland so maybe the family will consider offering their home there as an alternative, and to increase their options, especially for potential exchange partners who prefer or need to exchange simultaneously.

Thanks for your good comments - keep them coming!



The other point is that Ireland is a lovely location and probably a better choice climate wise in July/August than Florida so unless this exchangers swap partners can also offer a non-simultaneous swap they may prefer her own home.


Thanks for your comment. I agree that soul-less holiday homes, i.e. those only used as rentals, are generally not a good swap for a nice lived in home (although, of course, location is an important factor too for most).

But, as the home described (although rented out when the family isn't using it) is an 'own second home', this is why Edel was pointing out some of the facilities available that probably wouldn't often be found in properties used solely for holiday rentals.


Hmmm, I can't say I'm convinced by this arguement. Soul-less holiday homes have no appeal to me- why go to all the trouble of getting my nice lived in home up to scratch only to go to a holiday home I could have rented. Nope- own homes for us and in some circumstances own second homes.

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