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December 24, 2007


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Hi Danielle

Most people have the same concerns that you do when first thinking about doing a home exchange. But, with home exchange, a relationship of trust develops over the often lengthy period of correspondence back and forth between exchange partners as they arrange the exchange. And you don't agree to go ahead with a suggested swap until/unless you feel completely comfortable about it and having exchange guests in your home.

Remember - until they get to know you, someone you are considering an exchange with, is likely to have exactly the same concerns about you! And having someone in your home at the same time you are in theirs gives each party to the exchange a great incentive to take good care of the home entrusted to them.

Not many creeps would be bothered with home exchange but of course you need to find exchange partners that you feel compatible with (e.g. on attitudes to housework) so that you both feel comfortable and relaxed in each others' homes. Hope you will give it a try!



I always wanted to do a home exchange just kinda scared with all the creeps these days.


Australia seems like a grand place to be right about now !

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