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November 23, 2007


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Hi Patricia

Hey, it's great to see when a post I've published gets a good response - and so quickly! Thanks for your encouraging and insightful comments. Sometimes I do wonder if it's a waste of time trying to get across the importance of being able to tell how 'fresh' home exchange listings are. People (including, sad to say, most journalists) seem to focus almost exclusively on the numbers of listings claimed by home exchange sites, which is such a shame, as this certainly does a disservice to home exchange clubs that appear to be much smaller but may, in many cases, provide the best opportunities for exchanges.

I don't know your background of course but, as you are clearly a v. perceptive person and have obviously done careful research on home exchange, it would be great if you decided to share your insights for the benefit of other potential home exchangers.



Thank goodness someone has finally clearly described the various dates you see in home exchange listings. Thank you! It is really very confusing if you look at some of the home exchange sites that claim to have many listings but, when you look closely, they have some very long membership periods (I've even seen some that offer lifetime membership. Come on - isn't that just a way to keep some very old listings on their websites to make it look better?) And thanks especially for clearing up the difference between the date that someone joined and when they might have tweaked their listing a little to have it added to a hotlist. Those of us who get confused by all the sites offering home exchange (I avoid the free ones myself after trying one and finding it a complete waste of time) really could do with some guidance so we can avoid the sites that are devious in not providing the information on how long their listings are kept on their sites upfront. Has anyone thought of doing this? If not, maybe I'll do it myself!

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