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September 22, 2007


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Viva Magazine

Now that's really helpful.. Nice blog..

Marilyn Martin

I was particularly pleased to see the new "Pets Welcome" option and have added it to our entry.

We have been home exchanging for over 30 years and have done around 56 swaps (we think!). In the past we have looked after all manner of pets for exchangers....even a rat on one occasion....and been happy to do so. However on one swap we found visitors had stipulated "no pets", yet they had brought their dog to our home without our knowing, whilst we had had to put our elderly dog in kennels! (I might add that we arrived to find we were expected to care for their cat!)

Naturally we were more than a little upset by this experience so now we usually ask if we can include our little dog in the swap, even when the entry states "no pets". If the answer is no, fine, we are not offended, and we would never take our dog, or even extra guests, without first clearing it with our exchangers. The "pets welcome" addition will hopefully clarify the issue in future for everyone, thank you.

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