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June 06, 2007


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skybus airlines

This SMS service is really a wonderful idea. This is a big benefit for travelers who cross-country every once in a while, as well as their loved ones back home.

Bee Ebene

Hi guys,

We've just finished developping and testing a mobile phone solution for over 6 months, which let users send SMS internationally at much cheaper rates while travelling.

The programme works particularly well in Western Europe.

The user installs our product on their mobile phone and can then start travelling without having to change Sim cards in every country just to SMS or text their folk back home. There's no need for pre-dialling long numbers.

The main advantage is that after installing the Blitzplanet and setting up GPRS (GPRS = Internet on handsets), travellers can cross borders without worrying about being charged excessively for texting.
Nobody wants to be ripped off by carriers for sending SMS charges, budget travellers or other travellers.

Should you be interested in mentioning our product on your site, please get in touch.

We also offer affiliate deals for sites like yours.



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