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March 24, 2007


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Sara Johnson

We are writing about house swaps for horse owners for our website Equitrekking.com, the companion site to the Emmy-winning equestrian travel TV series. If anyone has had any information for us from their personal experiences in researching this or has done a house swap with fellow horse owners, we'd love to hear about it. http://www.equitrekking.com/contact/

Myriam Baran-Marescot


I am planning to go for a long trip in Australia this winter and I am looking for someone who knows horses to take care of mine while I will be gone. I live in Brittany (France), close to the mythological forest of Broceliande. If someone is interested in, this is my e-mail :

[email protected]

looking forward to having good news,


johnny weatherford

my wife and i live near Stillwater oklahoma, on our 160 acres we have 6 horses, round pens nothing very fancy. 10miles away in stillwater we have a 2700sq ft home on 2.5 acres, and we can keep horses there. Our house is nice but not really fancy. i'm pondering the idea of swapping with someone and taking 2 or 3 horses with me. we'd like someplace to go while it's hot here in july and august. i'm not convinced this is right for me but i'd be interested in talking with someone that wants to swap and bring their horses with them.


My husband and I live in central Maine, and have been thinking about trailering the horses south for 2-4 week vacation. Would like to pasture, spot to park rig with wonderful trails to get away from winter weather in late spring of 2010 or 2011. In exchange I can offer small cedar cabin surrounded by old growth trees, situated on bass stream. Non smoking. Prime summer. Only an hour from Portland and central coastal Maine or 1 1/2 from Moosehead Lake region. 45_90min fromLLBean and Cabela's. If you want to bring your horses, 4 miles from the cabin we can offer 2 10x10 stalls, pasture and nice trails for 2_3 hours riding. 3 hours from Acadia National Park. Let's talk....


Hi Linda

Thanks so much for your comment. If only I had experience of looking after horses - I love Sicily!

From the other comments, it does look like there would be interest in home/horse care exchange from a no. of horse owners all over the world. I do hope that more will join Home Base Holidays so that you all have the best opportunities to find suitable exchange partners. See my comment to Camille above and the link to the advanced search page on our site to look for possible exchange offers from current horse owning members.


Linda zagarella

we have a stable of 8-10 horses located in southeastern Sicily ( area of Noto) and are looking for a swap with other experienced horse owners all over the world. our barn is modern and not labor intensive. It is difficult to find others who have the experience and same attention to the animals/safety that we need. This is a great vacation spot, close to beaches and all modern services. Miles of trails and well behaved horses. Especially interested in someone with hunter/jumper/dressage background but most concerned with same mindset towards care/feeding/turnout.


Hi Camille

Hmm - house and horse exchange? From the comments we're getting, it looks like there could be a market for such a specialist exchange agency! But, as this would still probably be fairly limited (unless all you horse people could tell your friends and get lots involved), you should still find interest from members who are experienced at looking after horses from the listings on Home Base Holidays.

Try this search:

Advanced Search

In the box beside Free Text, type horse or horses. Then Search.

The search results will show a mixture of exchange offers. Check out the full listings for any that look of interest (by clicking the town name) and you should find that some of the members are also horse people who would be happy to look after your horses on an exchange.

Hope this gets you started and that you will decide to join. You would find much interest in your homes in Georgia and Costa Rica.


Camille Gathercole

We have horses and also would like to exchange homes with other horse people. Can some one start a site for us? We have 2 homes in Georgia and one in Costa Rica. I would love to visit Ireland.


i live in myrtle beach SC but i would be more then willing to take care of one of your horses


My husband and I were thinking the same thing as we have horses too and live in Oregon, USA. We thought it'd be cool to bring our horses to another horse-friendly home and be able to ride there. We might be interested in traveling abroad though.

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