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August 28, 2006


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Hi John

Good point! We did (at Home Base Holidays) have a very good travel agent advisor at Spear Travel who could provide a travel insurance policy that would cover the eventuality of exchange partners having to cancel an agreed exchange for a valid reason, e.g. serious illness without a history of the complaint. However, travel agents in the UK are now, by law, not able to sell travel insurance on its own. I have been in touch with Spear Travel for suggestions of the best comprehensive travel policy for home exchangers and will pass on this information to you as soon as received. However, from your email address, it looks like you may live in Greece and, if so, UK travel insurance may not be useful.

Another option is to plan, with your exchange partners, in advance for the possiblity of one party having to cancel an agreed exchange at short notice, i.e. both may agree to still make their home available (if that's feasible) or to pay for rental accommodation nearby should one need to cancel. A Home Base Holidays member wrote an article on this subject for an issue of Home Swappers Newsletter. Click the link in my name below to go directly to the issue - it's the first article, 'Home Exchange: Planning for the Unexpected'. Hope this helps and that other readers will contribute suggestions too.

John Dennis

Hi,I am having real problems finding flight/trip insurance that will cover my biggest worry as a home exchanger.If the other party has to pull out we will not be able to use our tickets and so will lose out.I cant find anyone who will cover this eventuality because it is in effect insuring the other person as well.
Anyone have any ideas?

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